Stallions standing at Highland Manor Farm

Highland Manor Farm is proud to be able to offer five hunter stallions at stud to service your breeding needs.  Our stallions are selected for their incredible temperaments and ability to jump! All have impeccable manners and ability to pass on extremely friendly and well behaved foals!

Our line up features: 

  • "Optimus" Prime, 16.3 h Oldenburg NA (available by private treaty only)
  • Evans Prelude to Darkness, 13.3 h Welsh Section B
  • Falling Moon Shine, 12.2 h Welsh Section B
  • Evans Archange, Cremello 12.2 Welsh Section B


  • Rodimus Prime, Newly Licenced by Oldenburg NA! 16.2 h Oldenburg NA stallion, homozygous EE and can not produce a chestnut! 

Contact us to discuss stud fees and options for AI or live-cover. Possible discounts for multiple mares, premium mares. Breeding season for these stallions is typically March - September depending on their show schedules, however, year-round collections can be arranged depending on the stallion.

Falling Moon Shine | 12.2 h Sec B Welsh Stallion, approved German Riding Pony Studbook

'Optimus' Prime | 2013 Oldenburg NA Stallion

Evans Prelude to Darkness | 13.3 h Sec B Welsh Stallion, approved German Riding Pony Studbook

We are proud to have all 3 of our Sec  B Welsh pony stallions approved for German Riding Pony studbook with Westfalen NA!

Rodimus Prime | 2020 ~16.2 h Oldenburg NA Stallion, homozygous black base EE. 

Newly licensed in 2023 by Oldenburg NA, our junior stallion, Rodimus Prime is expecting his first foal in 2024!

Sired by "Optimus" Prime (Peabody), out of Wallace WF (Waldaire)

Please enjoy his Facebook page for more photos and updates on this new young stallion!

Evans Archangel | 12.2 h Sec B Welsh Cremello Stallion, approved German Riding Pony Studbook

NEW in 2024! EVANS ARCHANGEL will be available with Leanne Krick at Flying Change PHP! All stallions will be available by the dose this season, with LFG upgrade options wanted!

Evans Archangel will be available at Flying Change PHP in 2024! Contact us, or email Leanne Krick at to arrange a collection! This stallion is available by the dose for $350, this includes collection! Shipping extra.